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Net Neutrality - Senator Mark Udall Responds


U. S. Senator Mark Udall responds to my letter urging him to support Net Neutrality and help the FCC in reversing recent legislation:

"February 18, 2014

Dear Sean,

Thank you for contacting me regarding issues relating to "net neutrality." I appreciate that you took the time to share your specific views on this issue.

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Net Neutrality - Speak Up Now!

net neutrality

Recent legislation is changing the Internet in a way that you won't be happy with. Limited freedom of speech, limited access to pages you may want to visit, slower speeds, and a substantial price increase.

Lobbyist representing large Internet Service Providers (ISP) such as Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T have stifled a bill that would keep the internet open, free, and equal to all users (as we know it today).

As of 1/14/2014, ISP's no longer have to provide full and equal access all websites on the internet. For example, if an ISP has vested interest in a political candidate, it could block users on their network from viewing information / websites that oppose their view / candidate.

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Ailing America: Good Talk, See You Out There!

ailing america

Our society in America is ailing right now- education is terrible, parenting is nonexistent, and there is weak leadership at all levels (community / church, local government, and federal government).  Bureaucracy is rampant stifling any creative change or preventing would-be leaders from actually accomplishing anything.  Our business leaders and financial institutions are looked upon as crooks and the masses have lost faith in them. 

There's very little personal, corporate, and government responsibility and accountability- everything in America is based around a short term / quarterly fix.  From the fast food eaten to satisfy the moment, without thought of how it may affect the individual later- so much to the extend that major cities have had to restrict, outlaw and ban products because people are incapable of moderation or rational decision making.  To the instant gratification and celebritization of talentless reality TV inspiring no story telling, character development, or providing content for later reflective contemplation.  To our society continuing to perpetuate an oil based industrial complex because renewable energy takes considerable time, effort, and toppling barons of establishment to develop.  And lastly, our nation's economic allegiance lying alongside insider trading brought together by an unregulated stock exchange closely resembling a gossip addled high school cafeteria that is purely in existence to boosters profits by any means necessary for shareholders today, neglecting to deal with the lost jobs, homes, environmental impact, and health issues of tomorrow- of course, only after said investors have sold their cooked book failing shares to the unsuspecting public. 

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