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Vizio Soundbar Fix

Is your soundbar broken? Does it completely fail to turn on? This seems to be a common problem with the Vizio S4251w-B4.

This problem has actually happened to me twice on the same soundbar — I’ve done this project two separate times now. Because this soundbar continues to break, there’s a good chance that there’s a more significant issue going on with the power supply as I keep frying the same capacitor. This, to me, suggests that it’s not a cheap or weak capacitor problem but that more juice is getting sent to the capacitor than is supposed to. However, I’m not fixing that. I’m simply replacing the broken capacitor. if you’re looking of a cheap and easy fix just to get by, this has worked for me.


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Build Your Own Skyline Diffuser - DIY Acoustic Treatment

As long as you have time and patience, this is a pretty easy and affordable DIY acoustic treatment project for your recording studio.

Skyline diffusers improve recording and listening environments by diffusing, or scattering, specific frequencies of sound waves when reflecting off of surfaces. Instead of sound hitting a flat wall and reflecting directly back at you, a diffuser disperses the reflection of the sound wave and interrupts it from being directly reflected back at you. This still allows for brightness within your studio while limiting problematic reverb.

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Vizio LED TV Backlight Fix - LED Driver Board Replacement

Backlight Out On Your TV? Try This Before You Replace The LED's!

If an entire quadrant of the LED backlight on your TV has gone out, it's possible that you have a driver board failure and not burned out LED's. Look for a uniform outage, not sporadic dimming or a single dim line (suggesting LED individual lights or entire LED strip failure). If your outage looks similar to mine, taking up 1/4 of your screen, try replacing your LED driver board.

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Jeep WJ Center Console MOLLE Panels

1999–2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ center console MOLLE panel installation and review.

Ridged plastic MOLLE panels for attaching pouches and gear for easy and quick access on the the center console. Product made by Echelon Design Works.

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DIY Adjustable Speaker Mounts

Perfect for mounting speakers at your desk.

Using gas spring computer monitor wall mounts, these speaker cradles lined with acoustic foam hold your studio monitor or speakers and allow a full range of adjustment.

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