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1999–2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ center console MOLLE panel installation and review.

Ridged plastic MOLLE panels for attaching pouches and gear for easy and quick access on the the center console. Product made by Echelon Design Works.

This video is not sponsored. I purchased these panels on my own and have no affiliation with the manufacturer. Please use the Amazon affiliate links below when ordering your gear. You pay the normal low price and I receive a small commission. Here’s everything you’ll need:

Drivers Side MOLLE Panel

Passenger Side MOLLE Panel

Full List of Echelon Design Works Products

Small Pouch

Large Pouch


In this video I’ll be taking a look at the Echelon Design Works Jeep WJ Center Console MOLLE Panels. A quick overview of the product, review, and installation.

I bought both the driver and passenger side center console MOLLE panels as kind of a test run before I went crazy installing these throughout the Jeep. They’re made of high-density polyethylene or HDPE polymer or plastic. They’re 3/16” thick and laser cut to MOLLE specs. They come with mounting hardware—screws and plastic spacers. There are no instructions, but it’s pretty self-explanatory.

The drivers side panel is easy to distinguish from the passenger side—the passenger side has the radius on the bottom that follows the contour of the console. It’s as simple as placing the panels where you like, trying to keep things level and symmetrical with the console, marking where to drill your holes, and then drilling the holes.

For me, I found it easiest to line everything up by marking and drilling my two top holes first, securing the panel in place with the spacers and screws, and then working on the bottom two holes. Depending on your placement, the seat can get in the way of drilling and screwing the rear holes, but but just push and compress the cushion so you can find the proper angle.

Repeat with the passenger side. Depending on the type of pouches or accessories you plan to attach to the panels, it may be easier to secure these items onto the panel before you screw it to the console. Space is tight and it’s hard to access everything once it’s screwed to the console, especially if you’re using plastic or ridged MOLLE attachments.

Overall these Echelon Design Works panels are well made. The polymer used is pretty standard so the expertise of this company and the product lies within their WJ measurements and CAD modeling. The black color of the polymer goes along fine with my black and gray interior, and I expect that they’ll last for years. The biggest thing to consider with these panels are the screws and holes—obviously you will be making holes your center console, so get it right the first time. Also, don’t over-tighten your screws and strip the hole. The center console is a pretty small area so I don’t think you’ll be attaching heavy things to this panel, but if you do, maybe consider drilling an additional holes in the center of the panel so that you have 6 screws attaching the panel to the console.

You can see my setup and some of you may recognize these pouches and what they’re traditionally used for. These pouches are also great at holding small things such as a multi-tool or Leatherman, flashlight, pens and pencils, pocket knives, and the larger pouch holds my phone perfectly. Arrange your MOLLE panel to your heart’s desire, that’s the beauty of them.

Big thumbs up on these Echelon Design Works WJ Center Console MOLLE Panels. Now that I’ve seen them in person, I’ll probably add a few more to the doors, drivers side rear window, and maybe the lift gate. Go do it up!