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This mod fixes slow and laggy wireless controllers and improves wifi connection. Perfect solution for home theaters and hiding your Playstation 4.

With $18, 20 minutes, and some basic tools, you can save yourself from the frustration of controllers cutting out and acting erratically. This DIY mod will also improve your wifi connection, helping to increase download speeds and getting rid of in-game lag.

The PS4 in this video is an original model from the initial launch of the system. After sound treating my office and relocating the PS4 into the closet for clean look, the system became unplayable because I couldn’t control the characters in games. The connection between the wireless controller and system was very weak and download speeds were laughable. This antenna mod extended the wireless range and solved all of my problems.

Hit me up and let’s play some games! My PSN is: Unoriginable

This video is not sponsored. However, please use the affiliate links below when ordering your materials. You pay the normal price and I’ll receive a small commission. Here’s everything you’ll need: