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How to repair your flight case super easy. Check out white Plasti Dip with Violet Metalizer top coat. Installation of open-cell and closed-cell foam, locking casters.

Over time, the protective foam within road cases begins to breakdown and decompose. This video will show you how to replace your foam, mask off your hardware for a fresh coat of paint, and create a caster plate to attach wheels to make moving heavy cases easier.

Those of you interested in Plasti Dip, this is the subtle effect that the rare Violet Metalizer top coat gives to normal white Plasti Dip.

I’m using this case as a coffee table and to store some studio equipment–I dig how it turned out!

This video is not sponsored. However, please use the affiliate links below when ordering your materials. You pay the normal price and I’ll receive a small commission. Here’s everything you’ll need: