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Nonstop Disco Powerpack

17 February 2012

NDP is so far the most involved and elaborate bot in the lineup. Standing at 4 foot 3 inches tall and 32 inches wide, Nonstop Disco Powerpack is like having another friend at the party!

Originally a toaster oven and a car speaker cabinet, this now fully functional CD and MP3 player featuring 5.1 surround rocks a room and illuminates it with subtle LED lighting.

The process started with a 70's era Black and Decker toaster oven that was stripped down, gutted, and painted making it the perfect head and housing for the CD player.  The professional DJ table top Stanton S-250 CD Player equipped with pitch shift, tempo changes, and looping functions (adding to the robot experience) was fabricated into the body of the toaster oven.  The CD deck located on top of the head and controls located inside the oven requiring you to open the glass door to reach them.  The inside of the oven is illuminated by LED lighting showing the guts of CD player and appearing as NDP's brain.  Industrial metal toggle switches turn on the CD player and LED lighting are also mounted on exterior of the toaster oven.

The Road Master speaker box makes up the chest and shoulders of NDP.  This faux leather wrapped cabinet was gutted, with the original speakers being removed and two home theater Infinity 500 watt speakers with crossovers and tweeters were put in thier place.  The speaker box was also wired with LED lighting giving a soft glow to the tweeters and bright illumination to the chest. NDP's arms stretch out of metal industrial electrical boxes and are 2 foot long and 3/4 inch in diameter.  The arms are made of corrugated metal electrical conduit that are bendable and can be placed in any position.

The body is made up of a 500 watt Pioneer multi channel home theater system receiver.  Painted silver and yellow to match the toaster over, this powering unit gives the bot the juice needed to pump music through the room!  With the this type of set up, NDP has endless combinations or audio uses.  Hook him up to your TV, video game console, microphone, guitar- anything that uses standard RCA audio jacks.

The unit sits on top of a 50's era metal table painted silver that doubles as NDP's legs.  The table houses the 100 watt subwoofer that is painted red to match the toast oven.  Finishing off the legs are more LED lights that add balance and bring NDP to life.

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Nonstop Disco Powerpack