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I recently completed the artwork and placed orders for Stevie Pearl bookmarks and tour badges.

I love when creation meets the tangible world. It’s always one of the best parts of the process, when you get to see your ideas manifest in three dimensions. Holding your book is always the biggest milestone, but bookmarks and tour badges make it feel complete. You’re creating promo and merch, and that means you’re at the end of the journey.

Anything happening in real life related to Stevie is mind-blowing for me. Here’s this character, this obsession in my mind, and a piece of that has come to life. So yeah, inherently, I’m in. Then we have the new artwork and designs that I’ve been working on that go with these particular products. I created that. So, from a design perspective, I’m excited to see these things come to life. Do they look good when you hold them? Is it an extension of the story? If the answer is yes to both, that’s something I’m excited about. That’s something I’m proud of.

Both the bookmark and the badge have a Stevie side and an Alex side. I knew early on that I wanted a Stevie Pearl ticket stub as a bookmark — that was a done deal. On the opposite side, a flyer for Alex’s opening night seemed fitting.

I have a lot of tour badges and backstage passes (humble brag) from my days in music. To be honest, I love these things. They’re my favorite keepsakes from that entire era. They’re little trophies. Proof that I was there. Proof that I’m still here. Both Stevie and Alex need these credentials — their backstage pass — and this is a little piece of their identity that you can dangle in the corner of your room. In a world demanding inclusivity, equity, and equality — it feels so cool to be behind the red velvet rope.

Look for both items in the web store over the coming weeks and don’t be surprised if you see a few ending up in book orders placed through this website.