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There has never been a better time — there has never been more opportunity than right now — for people to do the right thing.

If we do the right thing as a society, we will become unimaginably strong. We will truly become the greatest and most powerful nation the world has ever known… or we’ll lose it. We’ll hand it over to China and take a back seat on the world stage like Great Britain. Right now, it has nothing to do with being first, but everything to do with idealism.

The United States represents the untethered spirit of mankind. Our unity and perseverance will solidify our values of democracy and republic. We will be the great country that was destined for us—that was preserved by the Greatest Generation, cultivated by hardiest of frontiersman, and industrialized by visionary innovators. Each one of you are the dream and beacon known the world over. You are their hope, but only if we unite.

The people of this country are in control. It will be through our volunteerism and cooperation at a local and community level — ignoring the pundits and partisanship — all of the thirsty politicians and their hollow rally cries. It will be us simply doing what is right for our towns and our people because it is the right thing to do. It won’t make up for our sins, but this selflessness will save our soul. This unity will fortify our unwavering dominance. This cooperation will prove that a free people is the most powerful people.

We are bigger than governments, we are bigger than financial systems, we are bigger than natural disasters. We, as Americans, embody idealism — and we achieve it through hard work and unity.

This excerpt was taken from my personal, handwritten journal on Monday, March 16, 2020.