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22 January 2017


Caitlyn - A Friend, A Constellation

I met Caitlyn in college. She was young, blonde, and beautiful and we skipped class for pancakes more than we went. We instantly clicked—saw some sort of reflection in each other that has carried us throughout the years. We have what I can only assume is a cosmic understanding—we don’t always agree on earthly matters—but we don’t need to. All is solved with a nod and smile, and always having mutual respect.

Thinking back, she is essentially responsible for all of the great things that have happened in my life. She got me my job at Sony Music. She introduced me to some of my favorite artists and thinkers. She was an immovable pillar of support all throughout the six year writing process of The Final Book: Gods—not to mention, a very tangible editor and shaper of the final product.

Caitlyn is now very much a woman. Strong, intelligent, capable—still beautiful but now filled with a bit more poise and grace. Throughout all the years with the various paths that have woven us a part and curiously brought us back together again, she is a friend. You don’t get many of those in life—true friends—and I can’t thank her enough.