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The Mixtape Manifesto Articles No Longer Available Online

A quick bit of housekeeping—a bunch of old articles have been archived and are no longer available online. The majority of these articles can be found in my book, The Mixtape Manifesto: A Pop Culture Confessional.

After almost two decades, it’s time to allow these articles to retire. Super fans and those still needing access to these articles can find them in The Mixtape Manifesto hardcover coffee table book. This adds a bit of value to the hardcover—this content can only be found here—and rewards my readers by making this content exclusive to them. Only the cool kids have the hardcover!

Further, the digital text-only versions of The Mixtape Manifesto, commonly available on Amazon, Kobo, etc., will be unpublished in the coming weeks.

The Mixtape Manifesto inside look

Basically, I’m restricting all of these articles to the best version of the reading experience, which is the hardcover edition and upcoming audiobook. All Kindle and eReader versions will no longer be available for purchase anywhere—so download now if you want this version.

I’m still debating on keeping the colorful Apple Books version available. This version looks really good and operates well on the iPad, however, I still feel that the hardcover is the best way to experience this book. Don’t be surprised if Mixtape disappears from Apple Books as well.

The Mixtape Manifesto internal pages

You may have noticed that I mentioned an audiobook—yes, one is in the works. I’m recording it right now. The best part of the audiobook is that I’m doing additional commentary after each chapter—a behind the scenes of why the article was written, what was going on in life, and any interesting stories that apply. This will definitely be a rich experience and add quite a bit of context to each article. I think you’ll like it.

The release date is not yet known, but it won’t be forever. I’ll let you know as we get closer. I ran into some huge technical issues or it would have already been released—I basically had to start over… no bueno. But, it was actually for the best, as this new re-recorded version includes the commentary. That alone is reason to check out this audiobook—this made the project so much more special.

The Mixtape Manifesto inside the hardcover

If you need access to one of these old articles that have been removed from the website, email me. We’ll talk about it.