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Stevie Pearl Has A Website

29 July 2020

Pearl Party Crashers, your fandom has its official home:

Now that the writing portion of The Ballad of Stevie Pearl is finished, my mind has shifted to creating other elements that might be fun / engaging for readers. Blame it on the day job, but websites are easy to come by around here. And it only seems right that the biggest pop star in the world has one of her own.

I’m not sure what the official website of Stevie Pearl will transform into, but right now it’s some bonus interactive content for fans. Just another place they can discover within her universe and allow the story to linger with them. Inside jokes, tons of supporting content of the novel, and a special message from Stevie to fans who have read her story.

Right now, the site is rather basic but the bones are there to develop further. It’s just fun and foolish–the internet and social media play an important role within the story, and this is a great supplement that works alongside it. Selfishly, I also keep creating things around these characters because I’m not ready to move on from them… I love them. I hope fans discover the site, somehow stumble across it, and find another place where these characters exist–they find another place to be lovesick.

As we get closer to the release, more of the pieces will come together and the new online store will launch. As of now, I’m expecting hardcovers, paperbacks, digital, and audio versions of the book–along with a few special pieces of merchandise. serves as the final escape. Just another bit people can get lost in. Once you read the book, take a look at the website–and don’t forget about Alex Nopah!