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Artists, Comic Con’ers, Climbers – your fandom has its official home:

Stevie Pearl has a website, but not Alex Nopah? Not anymore. The humble artist has found his online home where he showcases his artwork, lets the world know about upcoming events, and has a special portal where you can email him.

It’s fun bringing these characters a little closer into reality. If you didn’t know better, you may believe The Ballad of Stevie Pearl is based on a real story. In reality, it kind of is–all of the elements of the novel are real–these are real things that happen in our everyday world. They’re just presented through my imaginary friends.

Like with Stevie’s website, the plan is to give fans a little bonus content to go along with the novel. Another place they can consume themselves and get lost a little longer. It probably won’t grow into anything much more than that. Once we get closer to the release date, the store will become active and hopefully I’ll have a few fun items unique to the book.

Head over to and get to know the artist a little better.