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Believe me, you guys—I am so in love with these characters!

Well, it has been quite the summer. Those of you who keep in touch and check out the site from time to time probably have noticed that things have been a little quiet. Quiet online, yes—not so much in the real world!

It’s been a busy few months. I graduated from UNLV, I moved back to Colorado, a good portion of my office was lost in the move (no data though, thank Gods), not to mention the many things I had to fix and build at the new house. Life stuff—nothing of terrible interest—but it has all been very consuming.

I did have an event at the end of August, the Colorado Springs Comic Con. The show was a lot of fun, I’m really starting to get to know the other vendors as we seem to be doing the same shows all over the country. This is now my “home town” show and I hope its success continues for many years.

Speaking of shows, it’s time that I start planning the coming months and looking ahead at the next year. Through most of 2017 and 2018 I have been doing one or two festivals or comic cons per month. It was a pretty ambitious schedule and while I’ve survived, there wasn’t much time for other things, like, well—writing! That is why 2019 will see a drop in events as I gear up for the release of a new novel. Yes! More of that in a minute. I’ll still do a few shows, but the plan is to stay local. I’d like to network more with the local writers and become part of the Colorado pop culture community, then start the tour / comic con circuit back up when the new book is released.

I’ve hinted and teased, but the next novel will be titled The Ballad of Stevie Pearl. It’s a departure from The Final Book series; a standalone love story that will eat up men and women alike. The best way to describe it is as a sparkly bubblegum pop tragedy. It’s a fish-out-of-water romance with teeth, pulling from societal issues and common struggles but told from two distinct perspectives—the nauseating and oversaturated Hollywood elite, and a small town Native American reservation.

Believe me, you guys—I am so in love with these characters! I didn’t really have imaginary friends when I was little, but I have imaginary friends now! Even the supporting characters are fantastic—I hope all of the dialog transcends, because it makes me laugh and cry as it unfolds in my mind.

The book is very music driven—each chapter will be titled as a song / artist and I’m planning on creating a soundtrack to accompany the book (possibly a Spotify / YouTube playlist if all else fails). I’d love to one day see it as movie, but that’s getting a bit ahead of myself—right now I just need to finish it!

I have a rough idea of when I’d like it to release, but there will be more on that down the road. Just know for now that I’m working on something that really moves me, and hopefully it will do the same for you.

Go check out Instagram for the latest and greatest adventures—I seem to be the most active over there these days.

Thanks for all the support and well wishes—I just needed a few weeks to get life back in order! More articles will be posted soon.