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03 August 2019

Contribute to SW Hammond

Over the last few weeks, the website has undergone a few major changes. With the completion of the new office / studio, big things are underway and I’m excited for you to see all the new content that will be coming out.

I work pretty hard at creating all of this stuff. Aside from editors and those generous enough to donate their time to proofreading my books, everything else in this enterprise I’ve done myself. Writing the books—formatting the layout and converting them to digital, paperback, and hardcovers—all of the cover art and graphic design… I built this website myself. There’s now hundreds of pages and articles—which is absolutely crazy to think about. Attending all of the comic cons and live events—I can’t quantify the amount of time I’ve spent in an effort to bring you high quality, professional content.

As a one man show, it’s incredibly satisfying. Your emails, comments, and support isn’t filtered. I see each and every one of them, and I’m so humbled by how much everything has grown. I hit a big milestone this week, according to Alexa Rank this website has surpassed the 500,000 mark. That means that out of all of the websites in the entire world, this one is now in the top 500,000. That may not mean a lot to some of you, but I started this website in 2004 and I used to rank in the 10s of millions. I’m proud to see this grow and those little milestones are mentally so important—I know my work is reaching you.

I may have bit off more than I can chew, especially when I should be solely focused on finishing The Ballad of Stevie Pearl, but in the last month you’ve seen a flurry of new videos and a podcast. I think it’s important to start diversifying my content—so many more people are listening to podcasts, audiobooks, and watching videos. While this content has never been easier to create, being an independent author, it’s also very time consuming and costly. To spend so much time and effort on projects that aren’t returning that investment, at least monetarily, is a difficult endeavor.

That’s why I’ve created a portal on this website that allows passionate individuals who support my work to donate. Your contribution makes a huge impact—each and every dollar goes directly into this project that I’ve spent a lifetime building.

If you find my articles interesting—if you find my videos helpful—if you love my books and want me to write more—please contribute.

Of course, simply giving money really helps. However, I do have books for sale and I do receive royalties from all major retailers—buying my books is a create way to support all of my content. Simply sharing my work, articles, and videos with your friends and family is a free and easy way to also contribute—those things really help me grow as an author.

Don’t be shy. There’s plenty of ways you can help and support the authors, artists, and content creators that you love. I know I appreciate each and every one of you that take that extra step.

Contribute to SW Hammond