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*Drumroll* The online store is live!

Purchase signed hardcover and paperback books. That’s right, you can now get your books signed if you buy them directly from me. Just tick the check box when adding a book to your shopping cart.

It’s been a long time coming. The reason I have pushed people to Amazon and Lulu for so long is because I’ve reluctant to get involved with shipping. I didn’t want to add another chore and errand to the day. I don’t have much of an excuse now — I could literally walk to the post office. If it becomes overly burdensome, I guess that would be a pretty good problem to have and we’ll address that then.

If you have questions about a product or order, email me. Remember, like, I’m just a dude. I’m not a mega-corporation with a Customer Service department. I’ll do my best to figure things out with you.

On a special note, the final physical batch of Gods first editions are up for sale. Let me know if you want me to sign it. I’m working on the rewrite of the second edition now and will no longer be printing large quantities of the first edition. Whatever I have on hand now is it. Of course, you could still order a print-on-demand version from Amazon or Lulu — no guarantees it will be a first edition depending on when you’re reading this. 

The second edition will have significant changes from the first. To own a first edition could be something unique and special to the right person, but, naturally, I will encourage everyone to read the most current edition — it’s what I feel is the best version.

So yeah, check out the store and let me know what you think about the buying process. Seems pretty standard but I’ve been looking at it too much. Happy shopping — book related merch to come!