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For industry-minded readers, The Ballad of Stevie Pearl is now available for review on NetGalley.

I know you haven’t heard much from me in a while, so hopefully this comes as good news. I’m very happy to announce that my newest novel, The Ballad of Stevie Pearl, is available for download on NetGalley.


For those interested, NetGalley is a book industry website that allows professional and semi-professional readers the opportunity to connect with authors and publishers ahead of a book’s release. This gives the industry a chance to review the book and allow buyers to place orders to ensure well stocked shelves on release day. Librarians and book clubs can see if the book will be a good fit for their community, and it also gives journalists and bloggers a chance to review the book. When you see reviews of books or movies prior to the release day, they usually come from a service like NetGalley.

For those with a NetGalley account, I encourage you to give it a shot!

Maybe you’re not a professional but you can’t wait for the official release? Drop me a line — there’s a good chance a digital version will show up in your inbox.


The world’s most successful and celebrated pop star. A Native American making a name for himself in LA. The two collide in a tattered love story, set in the glittery backdrop of Hollywood.

Stevie Pearl is the biggest pop star on the planet. Her earnest Texan roots blend with California idealism to construct a force never before seen in the entertainment industry. The attention surrounding America’s sweetheart is absolute pandemonium, and after a decade of the limelight, her stardom is beginning to feel like a prison.

Alex Nopah is an illustrator. The graphic novel he draws for is budding into a super-franchise. Hired as a consultant for the new motion picture, Alex is introduced to Hollywood and the woman that will forever change his life. Born on a reservation, Alex’s unshakable upbringing polarizes the wealth and attitude of LA and the new life he’s constructed for himself.

THE BALLAD OF STEVIE PEARL presents itself as a sugary-sweet tale of a young woman crossed between the bubblegum pop of Taylor Swift and glamor of the Kardashian’s. Breakups, drama, and paparazzi act as a smokescreen, shadowing the true genius behind an empire and a powerful businesswoman taking command of her career. Faced with corruption, collusion, and greed within her own organization—juxtaposed against racism, sexism, and classism within society—much like Stevie Pearl, the story’s teeth sink deeper into the mind than its glossy exterior.

The novel is supported by a humorous and entertaining ensemble of characters, breathing life and stirring a powerful connection between you, Alex, and Stevie. This unexpected tragedy reads as a quirky romantic comedy up until its final pages, combining pop culture references, witty dialog, and a poignant soundtrack for each chapter. The diverse character selection and provocative undertones makes THE BALLAD OF STEVIE PEARL a modern fish-out-of-water tangled with Romeo and Juliet.